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Many Arizonans seem to see leading in their communities or the state as something that others do. But leadership—the practice of creating, or working to create, changes, large or small—is open to anyone and is each person’s concern. What leaders do and how they do it affects everyone. Civic leadership is a precious resource to be cultivated and nurtured throughout Arizona. Intentionally developing leaders helps ensure that the Arizonans who step up in coming years are ready, willing, and able to be effective, creative leaders who can guide Arizona amid increasingly complex challenges.

Established by the Flinn Foundation in 2010, the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership supports a model of leadership built on deep knowledge, hard work, and a willingness to bridge differences to build consensus on solutions that advance Arizona. An array of knowledge, skills, commitment, and networks is needed.

The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership strives to continually increase the pool of leaders who can analyze issues; craft long-term, common-sense, common-good solutions; help to get the state’s work done; and nurture Arizonans’ participation in public affairs. Three programs—Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy, Leadership Collaborative, and Civic Communications—are in place to accomplish those objectives. The demand for great civic leadership will never go away. Neither does the opportunity to cultivate and nurture the supply. The Flinn Foundation sponsors and administers all programs of the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, with support from the Thomas R. Brown Foundations of Tucson.

The Flinn Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for future generations of Arizonans. Objectivity and long-term vision continue to be hallmarks of the foundation’s work. In any of its activities, the Center cannot participate in or donate to a campaign for public office or a ballot measure, or lobby on specific pieces of legislation.

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