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Anytown at the Y – Valley of the Sun YMCA

Anytown at the Y (Previously known as Anytown Arizona) empowers youth through leadership and diversity training to advocate change in their schools and community. Programs include an experience for students in grades 9-12. Anytown Jr. serves students in grades 7-8. Empowertown is held locally on school campuses and introduces diversity awareness to students in grades 6-12 and college level.

Collegetown is the organization’s collegiate program at the three State Universities. Beyond Anytown is activist focused and is open to grades 9-12 and college age students, mostly held during the spring or summer months.

Anytown at the Y partners with Camping services at Sky Y and Chauncey Ranch to provide program and activities.
Year Founded: 1957
Geographic Focus: Statewide



Deanie Wlodek, Anytown at the Y-Camping Services
Phone: 1-800-660-1385

Valley of the Sun YMCA
PO Box 430
Phoenix, AZ 85001