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To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and three references via email to Nancy Welch, Vice President, Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, Flinn Foundation,

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Professional Requirements

  • A desire to do cutting-edge work to advance the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership and civic leadership throughout Arizona, in support of the Flinn Foundation’s mission: to improve the quality of life in Arizona, to benefit future generations.
  • Bachelor’s degree in political science, history, business, communications, or a related field, plus five years of relevant experience; or any combination of education and experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the job responsibilities.
  • A strong record of achieving results.
  • A strong record of creativity.
  • A self-starter, capable of working with minimal supervision.
  • Professional manner and demonstrated ability to work successfully with diverse constituencies, many perspectives, and different types of people, internal and external to the Center.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to promote effective collaborations and strong networks.
  • Excellent writing, speaking, and public-communication skills.
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced environment, with a capacity to handle multiple priorities and a willingness to perform whatever tasks are necessary to get the job done.
  • Ability to problem-solve and initiate solutions.
  • Excellent program-development, meeting-planning, budgeting, organizational, and administrative skills.
  • Substantial research skills for issues, program development, and evaluation.
  • Substantial knowledge of Arizona public-policy issues, politics, and policy-making bodies.
  • Knowledge of major community, business, policy, and political leaders and organizations throughout the state.
  • Experience with web applications, Microsoft Office, and social media.
  • Knowledge of marketing and web-design principles.

Principal Responsibilities

Collaborates with the Vice President, Arizona Center for Civic Leadership in developing, carrying out, improving, and expanding the activities of the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership. As assigned by the Vice President, assumes primary responsibility for specific program aspects. Works with the Vice President, Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, to design and operate the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy, CivEx, other programs, events, publications, and presentations, expand visibility and the Center’s nonpartisan reputation, and coordinate civic leadership activities with other Flinn Foundation programs. Works in concert with the Vice President, Communications, on publicity, public relations and communications, publications, and social media.

Specific Duties

As assigned by the Vice President:

  • Performs a wide variety of high-level program development, implementation, and management tasks to ensure that programs are high quality, cutting-edge, creative, effective, and efficient.
  • Interacts with Flinn-Brown Fellows, applicants, presenters/speakers, and other community leaders and contributors regarding programs and events. Works to involve new people from all perspectives and increase diversity in the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership and its programs.
  • Leads the annual recruitment and selection process for Flinn-Brown and contributes to the planning and implementation of processes for other programs.
  • Develops and implements recommendations for more effective and efficient outreach to potential applicants and more effective and efficient management of application and review processes.
  • Oversees all aspects of application development and processing.
  • Serves as a liaison with Flinn-Brown Fellows, making connections, and providing services to support growth and achievement. .
  • Tracks status of Fellows according to standard metrics.
  • Identifies additional ways to track and serve Fellows.
  • Helps with strategic planning and development of services and programs for the center.
  • Conducts research on civic leadership, public-policy issues, services, and people to develop and support the Center.
  • Assists the Vice President in planning and executing special events related to the center’s programs.
  • Works with other private and public organizations to promote collaborations designed to strengthen civic leadership at all levels.
  • Prepares a variety of written reports and materials relating to civic leadership generally and programs/communications specifically.
  • Develops and carries out significant web and other communication initiatives in concert with the Vice President for Communications.
  • Makes presentations to a variety of audiences.
  • Drafts social media posts and other communication pieces. Updates and writes content on website; suggests new items and feature ideas, in conjunction with Center and communications staff. Uses social media and other tools to reach current and new audiences.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of new strategies to communicate with many audiences interested in civic leadership.
  • Undertakes other tasks as assigned, and contributes to cooperative and collegial shared responsibility for fostering excellence at the Foundation.

Required Competencies

Strategic Thinking and Planning – Develops successful strategies by analyzing trends, identifying threats and opportunities and adapting strategy to changing conditions. Plans effectively to achieve operational goals.

Leadership and Diplomacy – Exhibits confidence in self and others, inspires respect and trust, reacts well under pressure, displays courage to take action, demonstrates credibility and accountability, and displays a positive and optimistic outlook.

Impact and Influence – Pursues and gains support for ideas, influences key decision-makers, displays understanding of divergent opinions and develops and sustains professional networks.

Problem Solving and Decision-Making – Identifies problems and makes decisions in a timely way, displays willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound and accurate judgment and includes appropriate people in the decision-making process.

Communication – Clearly expresses ideas verbally and in writing, supports and explains rationale for decisions, exhibits good listening skills, keeps others adequately informed, uses appropriate communication methods, and uses technology to enhance communication.

Managing People – Provides direction and gains compliance, makes solid hiring decisions, is accessible to staff, provides regular performance feedback, develops staff skills and encourages growth, and handles difficult staff situations effectively.

Confidentiality and Ethical Behavior – Understands ethical behavior and business practices and ensures own behavior is consistent with these standards and aligns with the values of the organization. Maintains confidentiality of Foundation records and internal operations.


What is the application deadline?
Applications will be taken until January 15, 2018. The process will move as rapidly as possible.

What is the Program Manager compensation like?
Compensation is commensurate with qualifications and professional experience. The Flinn Foundation provides generous benefits, including vacation, holiday and sick leave, individual health and dental insurance, disability, and 403(b) retirement benefits.

How do I apply?
Please send a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and three references via email to Nancy Welch, Vice President, Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, Flinn Foundation,

What is the Flinn Foundation?
The Flinn Foundation is one of Arizona’s oldest private philanthropies. The foundation is both a grant maker and program operator. It specializes in the biosciences, arts and culture, Flinn Scholars, and civic leadership. The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership was created by the Board of Directors in 2010. Approximately 20 people work for the foundation with three full-time staff members dedicated to civic leadership, although other staff help with various functions.